Tachograph programmer CD400

Firmware update

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Firmware release notes

2021 (20/02) CD400 V2.0 r08 b08:
- Support of the DTCOSIM
- Improved W measure with photo sensor (high speed supported from 15/09)
- Multiple W measure with calculation of average W
- W measure on rolling road on longer distance (15/09)

25/11/2019 CD400 V2.0 r08 b07:
- support of CD400 App (Embedded or external bluetooth module required) 

15/05/2019 CD400 V2.0 r08 b06:
- support of new parameters for the Smart tachograph: Seal numbers (5), DSRC serial number, DSRC manufacturing date, DSRC type, DSRC manufacturer

11/06/2018 CD400 V2.0 r08 b05:
- Remote configuration

01/02/2018 CD400 V2.0 r08 b04:
- Optional support for the rolling road interface

22/11/2017 CD400 V2.0 r08 b03:
- Mechanical tachographs support 
- Improved workgroup test
- Odometer test is done at 100km/h instead of 50 km/h

18/08/2017 CD400 V2.0 r08 b02:
- 10 new parameters for DTCO1381:      Calibration warning, Card warning, B7 control, Display color, Military mode, Kn, CAN1 transmission rate, CAN2 transmission rate, CAN2 activation, CAN Dimm Mode
- 21 new parameters for SE5000: Activity ignition, Drv1 ignition ON, Drv2 ignition  ON, Drv1 ignition  OFF, Drv2 ignition  OFF, CAN-A Diag, Speed warning(s),Calibration  warning, B3 Filter, D4 LS value, D5 function, Serial protocol, Display color, Brightness night, Brightness day, CAN-C rate, Reset tripCAN,  Comp.Card Reg. CAN Wakeup, CAN-C activation, CAN-A Termination
- Battery level indicator

31/03/2017 CD400 V2.0 r08 b01:
- Speed sensor test (kitas sensor + hall sensor).
- Support of DTCO 3283 (Russia only)

20/11/2015: CD400 V2.0 r07 b25:
- Improved rolling road input test (b25)
- Minor bug solved (b24)
- Speed simulation in K measure is regulated at 100km/h to avoid overspeed for low K value (b23)
- Clock test support for VR8400 and Actia028 (b22)
- Odometer test problem for 1319 solved (b21)
- Parameters for SE5000: lower limit of 4000 removed for 'Speed Corr' parameter (b20)
- Automatic initialization of rolling road parameters (b19)
- Specific speed test diagram for Romania and correction of Romanian translations (b18)
- Improvement of the clock test with a clock test adaptor (b17)
- Clock test problem solved (b16)
- Support of VDO clock tester (b15)
- Automatic mesure correction for the rolling road (b14)
- Italian language added (b13)
- Automatic recognition of EFAS-4 (b12)
- New parameters for DTCO1381: IMS Activation, IMS Source, IMS Factor, VDO Counter (b10)
- New parameters for SE5000: IMS Source, IMS Gain, IMS Factor (b10)
- New parameters for EFAS: IMS Source (b10)

12/06/2012: CD400 V2.0 r06:
- Automatic sensor pairing has been removed for the DTCO1381.

02/05/2012: CD400 V2.0 r05:
- New photo sensor test function.

13/03/2012: CD400 V2.0 r04:
- Clock test calculation error corrected.
- Clock test can be calibrated.

12/12/2011: CD400 V2.0 r03:
New W measure methods:
- Rolling road.
- Constand speed.
- Odometer.

07/04/2011: CD400 V2.0 r02:
- Function titles problem solved.
- Test clock stability and accuracy improved.

08/12/2010: CD400 V2.0 r01:
- Addition of serbian language
- Addition of 'Ä','Ü' & 'Ö' characters in string parameters
- New parameter for the MTCO1324/1390: Serial number (Read only)
- New parameters for DTCO1381: PartNumber, InstallationDate
- New parameters for SE5000: PartNumber, InstallationDate
- New parameter for SmarTach: InstallationDate
- New parameters for EFAS: PartNumber
- EFAS: Automatic resets after canbus parameter setup
- K1319: implementation of all parameters (total of 27)
- Completion of turkish language
- A "Work status" test has been added after the automatic speed test.
- New parameters for DTCO1381: remote download parameters.
- PIN code entry function.
Known problem: Wrong function titles

09/11/2009: CD400 V2.0 (First homologated version)
Known bug: - Custom speed diagrams can not be longer than 16 steps otherwize some important data can be corrupted