High-performance DSRC reader

for remote Smart tachograph inspection
by control officers

Remote Early Detection Communication Reader (REDCR) for enforcement authorities with optional high resolution camera

Main features

  • Can be used for mobile and roadside controls
  • High performance DSRC transceiver (max vehicle speed: > 200 km/h)
  • Results are shown on a rugged Android tablet
  • Automatic Android application update
  • Emits different sounds in function of the severity of the issue detected
  • Optional high resolution camera
  • Optional data sharing in the cloud
  • Optional connection to a digital tachograph to read the parameters and detailled error codes

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Roadside control

The DSRC antenna can be placed on the road side or over a bridge


- DSRC transceiver
- Wifi interface
- Rugged tablet
- High resolution camera

High performance DSRC

Max vehicle speed: > 200 km/h
Typical range: 10m

RTM data in the cloud

can be shared with selected team members through a secure url

Mobile control

DSRC antenna is attached at the back of the vehicle and RTM are shown on the Android tablet

High resolution camera

to take pictures of the vehicle